About Us

Our Belief in International Standards

At Secelec we believe that standards do not hamper progress nor innovation but, in the long run, that standards will result in less fruitless expenditure. It was for this reason that we introduced the first RotakinTM Test Kit in the country with CCTV in Focus, the original RotakinTM certified company in South Africa. The RotakinTM Test Kit is used to test the quality of CCTV systems according to the British Standard European Norm 50132-7 (BS EN 50132-7) standard, as well as the South African National Standards 10222-5-1-4 (SANS 10222-5-1-4) standard. Video footage from a CCTV system which adheres to these standards are permissible as legal evidence. CCTV in Focus assesses CCTV systems for compliance with these standards, thereby ensuring that the Client has a reliable CCTV system and does not end up with a sub-par CCTV installation, as is so often the case.

The Ergonomic Design of Control Rooms (SANS/ISO 11064) is another standard which is frequently neglected. Too often are control rooms poorly designed, thereby becoming unhealthy and uncomfortable places to work in. The resulting Operational Health & Safety (OHS) claims become large and burdensome to the employer. This is something which can be avoided by simple adherence to the SANS/ISO 11064 standard.

Secelec believes that standards foster the success and longevity of the projects that we work on.

Our Continuous Professional Development

The need for a facility to remain relevant over its planned life cycle has become a compulsory requirement. Due to the increasingly rapid developments being made in the security industry today, a poorly equipped facility may become out-dated sooner than expected. Secelec remains the leader in what we do by staying up to date with the bleeding edge developments in technologies and practices in the industry. This gives us invaluable insight and ability to design for the future, enabling us to provide the absolute best, most cost effective, proven solutions to the Client.

The personnel at Secelec are encouraged to engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in their respective disciplines. Resources are made available annually for members of the Secelec team to attend industry-related short courses, academic study and international trade fairs. All professional Engineers in South Africa are required by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), and the Engineering Profession Act, to engage in a minimum number of certified CPD activities annually. This ensures that the skills of our Engineers are refined and remain competitive.